Are you ready for a life full of magic, creativity, and love?

Live Your YES…

…and create new pathways of being, living and expressing your authenticity.

When you say YES to the brilliance that lives inside of you, your life will begin to flow and open up in magical ways. 

I invite you to free yourself from the old stories which keep you small and disconnected and say YES to what lights you up and brings you alive.

Temple Body Arts: Embodied Feminine Leadership Program- Online & Live Training

Sofiah Thom is an embodied Goddess exuding grace and beauty in all she does. Witnessing her dance is like watching the divine in motion.  Hearing her speak is like listening to wisdom purring.  Sofiah’s presence is a blessing in these transformational times.

Laura Hollick

Soul Artist

Sofiah gave me full permission to open up to all my feminine power. She helped me embody the strength to be soft and strong and know that there’s power in them both. Sofiah helped me get clear on my dance method with her passion for her body and love for her students. She taught me how to be sexy, confident and hold space in a room for anything that arises.

I appreciate that Sofiah is an embodied woman. She is SO HER! And when someone is so confident with who they are, it’s medicine. If you want to learn and be inspired by a solid movement goddess, you go to Sofiah. I believe Sofiahs work is great for anyone who wants to …step into a new form of reality. You will have a magical experience no matter what direction you choose.

Elana Meta Jaroff

Creator of The Meta Method

I met Sofiah at a period in my life where I felt completely overwhelmed. My job as an anesthesiologist is very intense, and I was being called to step more fully into my spiritual path. Working with Sofiah was incredibly empowering. She was completely present and supportive in the process of birthing my spiritual offerings and brand. Sofiah’s passion and extensive skills allowed me to draw from her strength and safely open up to my surrender and my vulnerability.

Sofiah is a fully embodied Goddess, I love that her practices are in deep compassion, authenticity and non judgment. She makes it her business to truly listen, see and understand her clients. Often times, I could not clearly articulate what it was I needed and she was able to… She’s an amazing intuitive and consistently anticipates and exceeds my expectations of what I want and need, always with transformative success.

Sofiah is a true visionary, a dancer of LIGHT, I love her energy, being in her presence always inspires me to do and be my best. I highly recommend Sofiah… in fact after months of working together, I still seek her guidance when I find myself struggling with a specific challenge, or just for a taste of pure love and joy.

Marie Mbouni

Full Spectrum Healing Artist and Shamanic Coach

In our current patriarchal culture, every woman is confronted the challenge of finding and claiming her divinity and her feminine power. Sofiah’s program helps you do that by deeply connecting you with knowledge that supports you to expand and ripen into the radiant fullness of your true potential as women. Sofiah’s practices and the wisdom are brilliant, effective, and priceless.

Jenna La Flamme

author of Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets of Feeling Great, Losing Weight and Loving Your Life Today

Studying with Sofiah in person and online has brought me so much joy and healing and has rekindled my own expression as an artist, as a dancer and as a facilitator of workshops. Sofiah is the pathway to finding your own expression of the divine feminine, understanding what archetypes drive us, finding soul healing in ritual and ceremony and being held in a community of sacred sisterhood.

Michelle Matisse


You will see photos of Sofiah in dynamic poses and festive clothing. You will see her dancing her dance in videos online and speaking about the power of the Goddess and how it has carved a transformative path in her own life.

But what most don’t see is just how genuine all of that truly is to her heart and most importantly that it is all in the name of guiding her own life and the life of others into nothing less than the experience of pure love. Sofiah is a humble, giving, authentic, courageous, and devoted teacher, mentor, priestess, artist, daughter, wife, and friend – a true leader who is here to guide you towards love.

Amber Campion

International Mind/Body Teacher, Speaker, Writer, and Leadership Coach for Change-Maker's

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