Meet Divine feminine embodiment mentor

Sofiah Thom

Sofiah mentors women to embody their divine inheritance whilst creating a life aligned with their signature soul essence and the rise of the divine feminine movement.

She also co-authored the book The Path of the Priestess: Discover Your Divine Purpose.

Sofiah was raised fourth generation in a spiritual community with parents who were teachers in the human potential movement.

She has been teaching, speaking, and performing in-person and online around the globe for over two decades. Driven by her lifelong passion for ritual dance, creative expression, and feminine spirituality, Sofiah creates a safe and powerful container for recognizing one’s infinite potential and divine purpose through sacred embodiment and deep inner work.

Alongside her husband Brendan and a handful of visionaries, In 2011 Sofiah co-founded and created the Envision Festival in Costa Rica, a conscious festival celebrating music, art, and sacred movement. In 2008, Sofiah and her husband co-founded Danyasa Eco-Retreat in the beautiful beach town of Dominical, Costa Rica, where they live and run their healing center.