Embodied Feminine Leadership Program

Yearlong Certification from Temple Body Arts

Temple Body Arts Embodied Feminine Leadership Program- Online & Live Training

I am calling YOU to join this circle of FEMININE LEADERS…

remembering how to live as modern-day priestesses
birthing a new paradigm through the power of our wombs.


Are you ready

to embody your message & claim your divine power as you birth your unique gifts into the world?

Join the Embodied Feminine Leadershp Program  from Temple Body Arts!

 Embodied Feminine Leadership Program 2020

online mentorship & live training

December 2019 – November 2020



Are you ready to take your leadership and teaching to the next level? To trust your innate wisdom and power as you share your message with the world?

Do you intrinsically know that your body holds all the power, wisdom and beauty you could ever desire?

Do you feel you’ve outgrown your current reality and are ready to shed old ways of being?

Are you ready and inspired to guide women into embodying their womb wisdom and reclaiming their sexual sovereignty?

Do you feel the call to support the Rise of the Divine Feminine movement and the awakening of humanity?

Are you ready to harness your sexual creative power and live from a place of empowered pleasure?

Do you long to unlock your inner Temple Dancer and deepen your connection with the divine mystery?

You know you are here to share your gifts with the world but you desire to receive crystal clarity on your signature soul offering

You understand that it takes investing in yourself to up-level your wealth consciousness and create the life you desire!

You are ready to stand in your value and create the income and impact you desire through sharing and monetizing your gifts

If you feel a YES tingling in your body to the questions above click to apply – we would love to connect with you!

The online mentorship consists of four trimesters over the year-long program:

Rooting Your Temple Body,  Awakening the Goddess, Birthing Sexual Sovereignty & Monetizing Your Gifts

Trimester 1: Rooting Your Temple Body

December 2019 – February 2020

Experience your body rooted and flexible with your creative juices flowing!

Create Sacred Space, Altars, Personal Practice

Connect to Community and Sisterhood

Journey with the Sacred Jade Egg

Explore Creativity and Expressive Arts

Access your Warrior Goddess while still moving with ease and grace

Align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with your highest desire

Dance your dreams across the canvas of your days

Trimester 3: Birthing Sexual Sovereignty

June 2020 – August 2020
Lead from a place of empowered pleasure and share your unique gifts into the world.

Honor your Temple Body and your unique sexuality

Dive Deep into the Archetypal Cycles of Menstruation with guest expert- the Womb Whisperer, Phoenix Na Gig

Discover True Feminine Power in sync with your cycle

Learn Moon Time Practices including Yoni Egg Rituals

Embody Womb Wisdom & Harness Your Sexual Energy

Empower your Voice and your Pleasure

Activate the Unique Gifts You Desire to Birth!


Trimester 2: Awakening the Goddess

March 2020 – May 2020

Learn to harness and embody seven different Goddess archetypes living within you.

Expand into your infinite potential with the Goddess Bhuvaneshwari

Compassion, Self-Love and the Goddess Quan Yin

Abundance and the Goddess Lakshmi

Discernment, Inner Protection, and the Goddess Durga 

Ritual, Inner Revolution, and the Goddess Kali

Sacred Sexuality and the Goddess Lalita 

Being a Channel for Creative Spirit and the Goddess Saraswati

Trimester 4: Monetizing Your Gifts

September 2020 – November 2020
Create wealth and live your highest YES.

Embody your message with authentic marketing, build your Tribe and magnetize your Divine Clients!

Crystal Clarity on your Message

Learn to magnetize your divine clients and build your tribe

Discover and create your unique signature essence and Soul Offering

Embrace Visibility and learn how to reach more people

Stand in your leadership as a magnetic speaker

Learn how to create and fill your workshops, retreats, and online programs

Up-level your Wealth Frequency


the live training consists of a 9-night all inclusive initiation and rite of passage at danyasa eco-retreat in costa rica

Reconnect to your divine feminine nature in paradise!

Come gather in an intimate group of 18 feminine leaders to embody all we have learned as we move through this powerful rite of passage. Shed your skin and return home anew.

Choose from One of the Live Trainings Below:

Temple Body INITIATION: Live Training

September 18-27, 2020 at Danyasa, Costa Rica



Temple Body INITIATION: Live Training

October 28 – November 6 , 2020 at Danyasa, Costa Rica

*Spaces Still Available!*

Upon completion of the Embodied Feminine Leadership Program

you will receive a Certificate from Temple Body Arts

with 180 hours of training, and you will be able to weave this work into your own practices and offerings.

As a Certified Temple Body Artist you will also be featured on my site under the Temple Body Artists Collective, alongside women from around the world. 

If you are a Registered Teacher with the Yoga Alliance, you will be also be able to count these hours towards your Continuing Education Credit.

You must complete the full yearlong Embodied Feminine Leadership Program as well as attend *either* Live Training in Costa Rica to be certified with Temple Body Arts.

Embodied Feminine Leadership Program

How the Online Mentorship Works

Each trimester contains the following:

Weekly 75 minute Live Video Calls with Sofiah (with extra 15 minutes for Q & A) + Recording of Each Session

Sofiah will be teaching each of the sessions, taking you step-by-step through the four trimesters of Temple Body Arts. Through these course sessions, you’ll come to discover the practices and tools that will help you to create a deeper more loving relationship with yourself.  Actively rewrite your story with love and compassion as you harness your innate power and wisdom and create income and impact doing what you love. These weekly calls will be available to download and listen to again and again, giving you an opportunity to engage with the material fully for deeper learning and understanding.

The fourth week of each month is an integration week with an opportunity to catch up and connect in smaller groups with sisters if you choose.

Video Modules of Sofiah guiding you through the practices

Sofiah has created short 15-40 minute videos and MP3s in which she guides you through the key practices and pillars of Temple Body Arts. These lessons offer you a simple map with clear guidance, carrying a transmission of the Feminine energy that flows through women’s bodies. In watching the videos, you will receive and witness how divine creative energy moves through Sofiah’s body and what is possible in your own Temple Body through practice.

Weekly Creative Workbook and Home-Play Practices taking you deeper into each week’s materials

You will have access to written materials and a downloadable creative workbook relevant to each module. This will include journaling and reflection practices and ways to bring these teachings into your everyday life. The power of your learning will be integrated even more deeply as you dive into the assigned practices for each week and will support you in navigating your journey through the mentorship. You are invited to post your responses and share with your sisterhood in our online forum.

Online Access to our Exclusive Global Mentorship Support Group

Engage online with the Global Mentorship Sisterhood in a private and supportive Facebook group. As you move through the mentorship you will be able to gather and connect with other sisters online to share your breakthroughs and insights whilst supporting each other in deepening into the principles and teachings. Through this collective connection, you will experience the power that comes through transformative work in sisterhood.

Upon completion of the online Global Mentorship and the Live Initiation Training,

you will receive certification from the Temple Body Arts School for 180 hours of Continued Education.


If you are a Registered Teacher with the Yoga Alliance, you will be also be able to count these hours towards your Continuing Education Credit.



A portion of your tuition goes to supporting World Pulse – a non-profit social network created by women, connecting changemakers doing the work of the goddess in under-privileged areas of the world.

learn more about World Pulse here


Let us awaken and serve humanity together.

We cannot do this alone.


Let’s rise together. I’d love to connect with you.

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