Temple Body Arts Embodied Feminine Leadership Program- Online & Live Training

Rise as the Leader You Were Born to Be

Discover & Prosperously Birth your Gifts & Offerings into the World
Creating Divine Impact & Sustainable Wealth
with More Pleasure, Strength & Grace!



The Embodied Feminine Leadership Path
is a 9-month mentorship program to support women who are
Lightworkers, Artists, Coaches, Dancers, Healers, Creatives, & Visionaries…
who are DONE hiding their gifts and are ready to step out into the world claiming their POWER and AUTHORITY as a Feminine Leader.
This is an evolutionary spiritual path
for women who are ready to DROP THE DOUBLE LIFE
and learn how to create sustainable income and impact
doing what they LOVE.
The Temple Body Arts Methodology is focused on developing well-rounded leaders that can stand in their integrity.
By using our three-tiered approach, graduates of this path will develop:
– a reclamation of the power, wisdom, & sexuality of their BODY
– a stronger connection to their divine PURPOSE
– a framework of the practical tools needed to grow their BUSINESS.

Is the Embodied Feminine Leadership Path For You?

Do you feel a stirring in your soul that you are here for a greater purpose? But are unsure exactly how to live that purpose? 

Have you recently left an old career, and are ready to embark on a new path aligned and integrated with your divine purpose?

Do you feel this year has made you shed old ways of being that were not aligned with your highest YES? Are you ready to move forward on a new, more aligned, and intentional path?

Have you been successful doing things the masculine way, and are ready to now create your life from Empowered Pleasure?

Are you deeply connected to the rhythms of the Earth, and feel called to invoke more ritual and intention in your life?

Do you recognize the power of dance and movement as medicine? Do you feel there is more to be unlocked and revealed through your own expression?

Are you ready to learn your unique place in the Rise of the Divine Feminine and the awakening of humanity?

Do you know that you are POWERFUL, but don’t know quite how to channel that divine power to best support your life and work?

 Have you always felt the call for MORE, and now are DONE silencing it?

Do you feel ready to own your Sovereign Feminine Power, and create impact through birthing your gifts into the world?

If you feel a YES tingling in your body to the questions above,

you are ready to claim your true path and accept this divine invitation.

Meet Your Guide

Sister, for so many years, I STRUGGLED.

I knew I was here for a “purpose”… but I simply had NO IDEA HOW to create SUSTAINABLE income and impact with that purpose. Can you relate?

For years, I kept myself small, fearing no one would show up or care what I had to say. I kept my inner voice quiet and my mind distracted with other projects that weren’t a full body YES.

By not OWNING my purpose, I realized that I was holding MYSELF back from becoming the pillar of support for myself, other women, and the world!

Now, nearly 5 years after officially founding Temple Body Arts, I’ve created a 9- month journey to support you to become an Embodied Feminine Leader. To align your life work with your Unique Essence and Divine Purpose and RISE into ownership of your sovereign feminine power.

The world NEEDS your gifts sister. The Divine Feminine is rising and she needs us ALL to stop playing small, stop the comparison game, and simply say YES to all that we are and all that we CAN BE. Are you READY to become the LEADER you have been WAITING for?

The Time is NOW for us to birth a new paradigm together, will you join us? 

Will you say YES to yourself, your power, and your purpose? Let us gather together in support and love to EMBODY our fullest potential and highest YES. Live the life you dream to. Who’s with me??


xx Sofiah

The Path We Take:

Cycle 1: Temple Body Roots

Sacred Sexuality, Feminine Power & Living Artfully

– Connect with your Body as an Infinitely Sourced Instrument of the Divine. 

– Vibrantly Activate Your Creative Life Force Energy to Have Strength & Power on Your Journey!

– Learn to Design your Life as Luscious Ritual to Be Savored Everyday.

“I now spend my days in ritual, guiding women through the womb healing ceremonies, connecting deeply into nature and immersed in my own studies to elevate my ability to serve others and the Goddess.” – Sabrina Vedete, Founder Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam, Temple Body Artist

Cycle 2:  Sacred Dreamer

Divine Purpose, Unique Gifts, & Sacred Why

Receive Clarity on your Divine Purpose and Who You Are Here to Serve.

Reclaim the Power of your Blood & Innate Value To Stand Confidently in Your Worth!

Recognize the Wealth of Your Gifts, Magic & Medicine to Prosper on a Whole New Level!

I had desires, dreams and things to birth, but didn’t have the clarity and needed the tools. This program and community helped me unearth my gifts and put them out into the world. To beautifully manifest … really EMBODYING MY POWER!” –Nicole Pemberton, Founder of the Goddess Moves, Temple Body Artist- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Cycle 3: Graceful Warrior

Sword of Discernment, Sacred Marriage, & Magnetic Messaging

Learn to Harness your Sword of Discernment and Take Action Aligned with Your Purpose.

Cultivate and Balance your Sacred Masculine and Feminine energies within to Avoid Burnout.

– Create the Foundation & Structure to Bring Your Dreams into Reality!

TBA helped me heal many old wounds, especially around my sexuality, my self-worth & self-love. I felt something inside of me shift and was able to show up for myself as courageous, brave and bold as never before. I am starting to grow my business and to bring my vision into life.” –Cornelia Aurelia, Founder of Sacred Self Love Sisterhood, Temple Body Artist – Vienna, Austria

Cycle 4: Mother/Lover

Wealth Frequency, Signature Soul Offering, & Sacred Technology

– Embody your Signature Essence & Clarify your Soul Offerings

Express Your Authentic Brand to Magnetize your Divine Clients.

Learn to Build Connection, Grow Community Online, and Uplevel Your Wealth.

I definitely carried fear around being seen and heard on social media … through this mentorship program… I gained a lot more confidence, clarity and trust to show up and really honor my my purpose, to serve. I received inspiration… unconditional love and support of sisterhood… resources and strategies to support me in sharing my gifts, upleveling, and birthing my offerings into the world! ” –Shakti Mayumi, Founder of Voice Alchemy Priestess Academy, Temple Body Artist.

Cycle 5: Wild Woman

Shadow Integration, Enchantress, & Shero’s Journey

– Embrace Your Wild Feminine and Sexuality while Honoring and Dancing with the Shadow.

Unlock the Unique Magic Living within You & Discover your Fullest Expression of Self.

Clarify Your Soul’s Mission & Deeply Share Your Truth with Courage!

Through this year long mentorship with Sofiah, I have completely transformed into this beautiful fully embodied leader, speaking clearly with my truth, with integrity. Understanding who I am this shero’s journey, what my true gifts are and what and who I’m here to serve, [and] how I can present them to the world because the world needs our gifts…! This medicine Sofiah is bringing is priceless, an amazing experience of a lifetime!” –Erin Doumert, Award Winning Master Hair Artist & Entrepreneur, San Diego, CA

Cycle 6: Womb Initiation

Lineage Reclamation, Blood Mysteries, & Sexual Sovereignty

– Honor your Lineage and Reclaim Your Sexual Sovereignty through the Blood Mysteries.

Recognize the Power You Have to Re-write Your Story and Create Your Legacy.

Free Yourself from the Old Stories & Programs that keep You Small!

“Sofiah’s mentorship has been transformative- to feel supported, nurtured, nourished and held accountable in the most LOVING way! To be uplifted by the energy of sisterhood, reminded that I can do it in and to have the tools and practices to support my Vision. I birthed The Goddess Moves. I re-birthed in sacred space to be unapologetically ME! ” –Nicole Pemberton, Founder of the Goddess Moves & The Liberate Womb Sisterhood, Temple Body Artist- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Cycle 7: Temple Body Priestess

Empowered Pleasure, Sacred Sexuality, & Devotion

Empower your Voice and your Inner Temple Dancer so you can Effortlessly Attract All You Desire!

Align your Work with your Divine Mission and Learn to Create a Sustainable Life Connected to Your Pleasure!

In month eight of the leadership path with the support of Sofiah and the entire sisterhood, I launched my first Yoni gem mentorship and teacher training which sold out …[with an]… incredible group of dedicated women . Not to say it’s all fun and games… yet all of these things now come from a place of PLEASURE & JOY. I’m now understanding what sustainable wealth looks and feels like, I am earning the most money that I have made since I left the corporate world 14 years ago!” –Sabrina Vedete, Founder Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam, Temple Body Artist

Cycle 8: Divine Impact

Birth Plan, Gift Monetization, & Visibility

– Create a Map to Support You in Birthing Your Gifts into the World.

Stop Struggling and Trust the Structure that Supports the Phase of Growth You are In!

– Receive Sacred Technology Support to Increase Your Visibility and Impact.

Temple Body Arts Embodied Feminine Leadership Program- Online & Live Training

“This program has really served me, I have taken some powerful quantum leaps in my life & in my sacred business in the past year. I’m … able to share my offerings and be of the highest service through sharing my gifts online and …this year actually I birthed my first online group mentorship program … it’s going so well!” –Shakti Mayumi, Founder of Voice Alchemy Priestess Academy, Temple Body Artist

Cycle 9: Embodied Feminine Leadership

Lunar Archetypes, Giving Back, & The Divine Feminine Movement

Understand the Gifts and Superpowers of each Lunar Archetype to support the Sustainable Growth of your Heart-Centered Business.

Know & Value Your Unique Role in the Rise of the Divine Feminine Movement.

Claim Your Place in the World as the Leader You Were Born to Be, Share Your Gifts & Message on the Temple Body Arts Global Platform when You are Ready to Bloom!

“I realized this was really about choosing myself. I believe in Sofiah, her medicine, and what she is weaving here in this incredible sisterhood of embodied feminine leaders. It is a deep devotion to self, to our medicine, to the change that we seek to make in the world, and to committing each and every day to bringing our full presence to what it is we are here to serve and create and the world!” –Erin Skye, Modern Mystic Social Media, Temple Body Artist & Coach, Visibility Expert and Mentor

IN this 9 – Month Journey You will Receive:

Temple Body Leadership
2- Hour sessions

Live With Sofiah Thom!

27 Sessions with Sofiah

3 monthly calls that Anchor your Leadership Path.

Often containing movement, meditative journeys, story sharing, and breakout groups, these calls provide the group energy, structure, and accountability we need to thrive and grow as leaders.

Replays are available each week to download and listen to again and again.

Temple Body Arts Leadership Training Manual

Your Embodied Leadership Path is supported by a rich guidebook taking you deeply into the Frameworks of Temple Body Arts.

    • 5 Fold Path of Temple Body Arts
    • Guiding Compass
    • Desire Map
    • Lunar Archetype Moon Map
    • Monetizing Star Map
    • And So Much More!

Embodied Feminine Key Practices with Sofiah

Activating Practices to Become a Living Example of all that You Stand For as You Expand into Your Next Level of Leadership & Prosperity!

    • Strengthen Your Ability to Receive and Trust Your Divine Guidance
    • Keep the Instrument of your Temple Body Tuned to Co-Create with the Divine
    • Discover Your Infinite Potential held within Your Womb
    • Marry Your Inner Spiritual Life & Outer Expression to Create Divine Impact 
    • Align You to Pleasure & Flow as You Move through the Day
    • Establish Roots of Stability & Cultivate Your Magnetic Frequency
    • Harness the Power of Discernment to Avoid Burnout

Sofiah has created short 15-40 minute videos and MP3s in which she guides you through the key practices and pillars of Temple Body Arts. These lessons offer you a simple map with clear guidance, carrying a transmission of the Feminine energy that flows through women’s bodies.

Three 3-Day Virtual Retreats

Join Sofiah live from her studio for three exclusive virtual retreats for sisters on the Leadership Path!

  • Rooting Your Temple Body – Anchor in the foundational key practices and access your spiritual wisdom embodied
  • Reclaim Sexual Sovereignty – Claim your sovereign queen and feminine power through the lens of the lunar archetypes
  • Embodied Feminine Leadership – Know your role at this time as you step out sharing your message and gifts with the world

During these 3-day retreats, you’ll have the opportunity to connect and receive more guidance with Sofiah and the sisterhood in an immersive experience.

Participate in live rituals, guided Temple Body Arts Journeys, intimate breakout groups, and experience opportunities for mentorship with Sofiah and guest facilitators.

Monthly Implementation Q&A Calls with our Expert Leaders

Join these calls to receive practical support as you create your soul aligned business. Topics will range form magnetic messaging, finding your divine clients, sacred technology, developing your signature soul offering, social media strategy, content creation, marketing, sales, funnels and whatever else is alive for you!

  • Discover your path to soul-preneurship
  • Generate tangible results in key areas of your business
  • Implement systems and strategies for aligned and sustainable growth
  • Remove blocks and clarify your pleasure path to success

Queen’s chamber Support Gatherings

Queen’s Chamber small group gatherings are available the 4th week of each month for integration should you desire support.

Led by Temple Body Graduates who are continuing on the path with you and here to hold space for the transformational journey you are on.

Feel the power of Sisterhood!

Access to Private Facebook & WhatsApp Support Groups

Engage online with the Global Mentorship Sisterhood in a private and supportive Facebook group.

As you move through the mentorship you will be able to gather and connect with other sisters online to share your breakthroughs and insights whilst supporting each other in deepening into the principles and teachings.

Through this collective connection, you will experience the power that comes through transformative work in sisterhood.

Upon completion of the Embodied Feminine Leadership Path

you will receive a Certificate from Temple Body Arts

with 200 hours of training, and you will be able to weave this work into your own practices and offerings.

As a Certified Temple Body Artist you will also be featured on my site under the Temple Body Artists Collective, alongside women from around the world. 

If you are a Registered Teacher with the Yoga Alliance, you will be also be able to count these hours towards your Continuing Education Credit.

Temple Body Arts Program Bonuses

Designated 1:1 Mentor for the Nine Months

Receive support and schedule 1:1 check-in calls throughout the year with your personal Temple Body Mentor, a graduate of the Leadership Path who knows and deeply embodies what it means to be a Feminine Leader. 

Your mentor will be assigned at the start of the Program and is available to support you throughout your evolution on this path.


1:1 Coaching Support with Expert Leaders

Our Senior Coaches are experts in the fields of Marketing, Sales, Social Media, Business Development and more.

Throughout the year, you’ll have access to book 1:1 calls with them to support the development of your impact and income!

These sessions are new for the 2021 program by popular demand!


Access to a Global Network of Leaders


Join an amazing network of women working toward the same goal.

Use the power, knowledge and resources of this community of like-minded women to provide you with feedback, accountability, collaboration, and support.


Visibility Opportunities on the Temple Body Arts Global Platform

As a member and certified graduate of the Embodied Feminine Leadership Path you will have opportunities to be featured in 3 ways.

Share your story & a teaching in the Main Temple body Sisterhood to uplift the sisters.

Be a Guest Speaker, host a workshop inside our Radiance Inner Circle and share your medicine and magic!

Be Interviewed by Sofiah for the Divine Business Collaboration Summit

Business Collaboration Summit is a gathering of The Divine Feminine & Masculine for Global Impact. The Next Evolution of my Annual International Temple Body Day!

When you Bloom, Claiming Your Value, Embodying Your Gifts, Ready to Make Your Divine Contribution you will be Highlighted in this Global Summit.

You will tell your story, share you gifts, find collaborators, and opportunities to grow your list and reach.  So you can make the Divine Impact you are here to Create!


A portion of your tuition goes to supporting World Pulse

a non-profit social network created by women, connecting changemakers doing the work of the goddess in underprivileged areas of the world.

learn more about World Pulse here



Founder and Womb Priestess of Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam


Pussy Magic Burlesque Priestess


Psychedelic Integration Guide


Womb Priestess


Rising Leader


Social Media Visionary & Content Creatrix

Embodying Worthiness 

Sofiah is a real, living, an breathing goddess who moves through the world with grace. Since working with her, I have found a depth in my purpose, presence in communication, and a journey into dimensions of sisterhood I only dreamed possible.
She mirrors for me the embodied feminine leadership that can and will bring much needed change and heart opening on this planet. She has become a cherished sister, and friend. I would highly recommend her teachings and offerings to any woman who longs to dive deep into her own feminine mysteries while being held in a supportive, nurturing, and inspirational space.

What has changed for me specifically looking back on my life before Sofiah’s Temple Body Arts Training is that today I really know who I am. The woman I am facing in the mirror is no longer a woman not knowing her worth. I found myself through the one-year journey with Sofiah. I now know my task here on Mother Earth. I’ve learned to get out of my comfort zone, step into the light and let my full potentiality shine! Due to saying YES to myself, I found my voice and myself. I am forever grateful and I have not regretted a single moment to take out a loan for this education cause it got paid back with an invaluable nugget of wisdom!

Sofiah’s Temple Body Arts Training activated a deep, primordial knowing inside of me. She gracefully laid out a guidance for me to find my inner goddess. This has offered me insight & revealed monthly cyclical patterns of my physical & emotional rhythms. Sofiah is pioneering the merge of the ancient goddess ways with a new sacred feminine consciousness in a very approachable way.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m beside myself in gratitude and amazement that I have arrived here, in this place of empowerment and clarity. I’m ready.

Hannah Blossom

The Path of Self-Leadership 

Since I joined the Temple Body Arts Path, my life was turned upside down (in a major and super positive way). I was brand new on the tantric path and just started exploring my femininity as well as sexuality. TBA helped me heal many old wounds, especially around my sexuality, my self-worth & self-love. I am continuing to remember what it means to be on the path of YES. Recommitment, Mindset, Intention, Action and Discernment are leading me through my daily life and practice (which has never been as strong as right now).

The decision to join the program came totally out of the blue and was very spontaneous. I simply listened to the call of my soul and was magnetically pulled towards Sofiah.  I decided to answer the call of my soul. During the program, I started working through all these internal obstacles, including my relationship with money aka self-worth, my fear of connecting through the internet – being seen and heard on the calls and in the fb group, my lack of trust in my femininity/sexuality as well as my mistrust in other women.

Through Sofiah’s beautiful support, the way that she held space and her showing up for us again and again, I felt something inside of me shift and was able to show up for myself as courageous, brave and bold as never before.

Since, then I am in the most beautiful and fulfilling (in all aspects!) relationship with the man of my dreams. I am starting to grow my business and to bring my vision into life. I feel as comfortable and happy with myself and my body as never before and I am embodying my teachings as fiercely and vividly as never before.

All of this was possible to shift and grow inside of me thanks to Temple Body Arts & Sofiah. I am immensely grateful for this journey of remembrance.

Cornelia Aurelia

Through this TEMPLE BODY ARTS Program, you will:

– Learn to build your life and business the Feminine Way

– Recognize the wealth in your gifts and learn how to monetize them

– Gain access to an epic global network to lean on for support, accountability, and reach

– Learn to wield the power of the feminine AND masculine energies

– Receive clarity on your Signature Soul Offering and divine purpose

– Have a clear map for how to grow your sacred business

– Learn how to design your life from a place of pleasure instead of pressure

– Feel a deeper understanding of who you are and why you are here

– Marry your inner spiritual life and outer life to create divine impact

– Know how to share your offering online and build sustainable wealth

– Gain tools to create divine impact from anywhere in the world

– Learn to hold space for transformation and growth

– Grow and transform YOURSELF into the leader you were born to BE

learn the tools needed to create sustainable wealth & divine impact… the feminine way.

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