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Many years ago during one of my retreats here at Danyasa, a student of mine first told me about Laura Hollick and Soul Art Studio. From that day on, I have been following Laura’s inspired way of living her art and waiting for the moment I would meet her in person.

For years I followed Laura and her Nu Icon Movies and even followed some of my girlfriends as they went through the quest of discovering their iconic essence with her.

This past summer, just after I landed the book deal for The Path of the Priestess, I received my first personal message from Laura.

She had been watching me and my work and was inspired by what I was doing in the world with women. Laura invited me to come and participate in the next Nu Icon Movie Intensive!

I was thrilled. As we spoke about this opportunity I felt every cell of my body saying YES!
I literally felt ‘turned on’ and knew this was something I had to do! I had to make this happen!

The fourth Nu Icon Movie featuring yours truly is about to come out on 11.11.15.
Join the global movement of seekers on this four episode Vision Quest taking you all on a journey to discover your Iconic Essence.

This Nu Icon Movie journey is FREE.
Register here:

And now you get to meet Laura!  I had the pleasure of meeting up with her in Costa Rica last month.  We played in the Ocean like mermaids and had a juicy interview dialogue about what it means to Live Your YES!

Join us on the beach in Costa Rica!

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