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Welcome Beloved Sister.

You have reached the Member Home Portal, where you can access each Trimester in our AWAKENING Global Mentorship. 

I am so looking forward to diving in with you for this transformational journey.

Just like a garden, we must tend to our practices to experience the fruits of our efforts.

The more you return to the practices and carve out time to honor your Temple Body, the deeper this new river of intention will flow.

Repetition holds the key to creating new pathways of moving, as you rewrite the old stories which no longer serve your highest YES!

See you soon sister!

With love,


– Setting Up Your Sacred Space and Altar – 


Let us begin by creating sacred space for this journey. Reflect on your sacred space in your home…

I invite you to create space for yourself, whether a whole room or a corner of a room, with your precious things, for your own personal practice.

  • What are the seeds you want to see flourish in your life?
  • Gather your precious stones and sacred items.
  • Intentionally choose each item to support you in holding space as you dive deep.

Each week, continue to listen and see if there are any other sacred objects which desire to be part of your altar and sacred space.

When we create a sacred space and altar in our home, it creates our connection with divine creative spirit in tangible form. Recognizing that all of life is sacred, the mundane and the extraordinary.

To prepare your Temple Body as a sacred space, remember these simple ways to shift your state into ritual space:

  • Light candles, burn sage or incense and/or take a shower to cleanse from the day.
  • When taking time for your own practice and self-reflection, ask those around you, your family, roommates, for what you need to support you in creating a sacred space.
  • You are invited to work with your sacred blood in this trimester. Perhaps you have a special vessel, or jar with a lid to contain your blood for rituals.  Keep this vessel on your altar or in a special place just for you. If you are not bleeding at this time, you can also use red paint to symbolize your blood.

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