In today’s Wisdom Wednesday muse-letter I want to focus on one of the obstacles that seems to get in the way for many of us, blocking us from saying YES to what we truly want and desire:


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What is your relationship with money right now?
What do you choose to spend your money on with ease and without question?
What do you Value?
When do you feel contracted about spending money on something?
Are you somebody who keeps track of your finances?
Listening to your body and how it responds to spending money, will show you a lot about your current relationship with your values.

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of abundance, wealth, fertility and the embodiment of grace and beauty.

Lakshmi symbolizes the ultimate Magnetic Goddess!

Today I introduce her power and wisdom to you in this ritual below.

Personally when I am consciously calling in financial abundance for a venture or project, I like to perform a Lakshmi ritual, to help me focus my creative energy in the direction of what I am calling in.

One aspect of Lakshmi I appreciate is the idea of carefulness, the practice of being sustainable with the resources we have.

I want to share this Lakshmi money ritual with you and invite you to create your own.

  1. Take all of your cash, coins, check-book, credit cards, and last statement from your bank.
  2. Find some fresh flowers and a bowl of water and a candle.
  3. Light the candles, arrange the money, checks and cards and statement (Lakshmi loves beauty and organization).
  4. If you are actively calling in money for a project, the sale of a house, or business, or raising money for a venture, write yourself a check for the amount you are desiring.
  5. Write this check to yourself or to your company with the date that you would like to receive the money.
  6. Sprinkle water and place flowers on the altar, chant the Laksmi mantra nine times: Aum Shrim Lakshmibyo Namaha; I honor the auspicious goddess of abundance. 
  7. Sit in stillness, opening yourself to receive creative life force, connect to the place inside of you that trusts and knows your own value.
  8. Create a mantra in English for yourself that feels aligned for you,
  9. “YES, I am open to receive $… and I’m grateful for these blessings.”
  10. Gratitude is a powerful practice to support us in being open to receive more. Practice being in gratitude daily and counting your blessings.

You may feel an opening in your mind and body from doing this ritual.

Allow this experience to create a space for you to ‘see’ and receive abundance in all facets of your life.

The feminine aspect of us is the ability to receive. So, allow this ritual to be an initiation into blessing what you have, as you create the space for receiving more.

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