sofiah on the beach in front of driftwood tree

Life unfolds in amazing ways.

I always say, “I could never plan my life as well as it unfolds.”

As many of you know, I left Costa Rica April 1st and have been on the road since.

It has been truly wonderful to land here in LA for six weeks and to feel grounded.

It is essential to have stillness in order to blossom the fullness of our fruits.

And fruition is exactly what has manifested here, in relationships forged and in the collaboration on the upcomingThe Path of the Priestess Book.

Being part of The Path of the Priestess Book project has been such a blessing.

It was hard for me to leave Costa Rica, my relationships and what I had been identifying with there, to leap into the unknown.  A true test of faith, trust and surrender.

Having the focus of the book and sharing my story has brought me even deeper into my own divine purpose as a leader here on this earth.

I have felt the ‘fire under my ass’ and have risen to meet the request of the universe.

As I focus on sharing my voice and getting clearer with my message, doors magically open and opportunities greet me.

Women leaders that I admire and am inspired by are suddenly in my world as sisters, and every day feels like a dream I have manifested into being.

These openings represent the magnetic goddess working within me and around me.  When we are full with ourselves, connected to our authentic truth and essence and allow creative spirit to move through us, we attract what most aligns with our highest purpose.

When we hold our vision of who we see ourselves to be, the universe unfolds to support what is most in alignment, but only when we let go of the reins and trust!

GrateFul for this life

…for divine creative spirit flowing through me.

enveloped by the great mother

compassionate grace

feel her embrace

know you are always taken care of

it is time to rise

into the fullness of who you were born to be

meet me

let us dance together

as one tribe.

open to the magic available to you in every breath

life is magic

we are free to Be

to shine

and to remember our birthright
pure potentiality

waiting to be born.

Will you dance with me?
Blessings, Sofiah xo

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