I feel called to create this Collective Prosperity Opportunity to vitalize the Rise of the Divine Feminine.

As we come together to call forth a new paradigm alive with purpose and aligned with our divine callings, I have heard women express the need for an increase in the flow of prosperity and income to support them in this evolution.

This partnership provides you with the opportunity to create a flow of prosperity by inviting other women to join us in the RADIANCE Sisterhood!

You receive a 40% commission when a sister you refer signs up to be a member of RADIANCE, and you receive 40% of each payment they make in perpetuity.

You can invite sisters at any time throughout the year into the RADIANCE Sisterhood to build a more sustainable income for yourself.  We provide you with imagery and copy to help you easily share this wonderful membership. 

Let’s come together to prepare the foundations that will support your next level of leadership so you can bring your gifts to the world!

Let us support women’s rise into economic sovereignty, so we may powerfully create a new paradigm together.

 Are you in?

Not familiar with the RADIANCE Sisterhood?

You can learn more about the RADIANCE Sisterhood HERE!

Let’s rise TOGETHER, and awaken humanity collectively!

With love, 

Your Sister,


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