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Welcome, Radiant Sister!

I created this sisterhood for YOU to celebrate your feminine power, learn true self-leadership, and grow into the most radiant version of yourself! I hope you will join us on the journey….

xo Sofiah 


You have permission to choose yourself.

What if today was the day you said yes to your feminine power?
And put yourself, your fulfillment, pleasure, and happiness first?

Radiant women put themselves first.

Sister, we are waiting for you…
Join our ever-growing global community of hundreds of women who celebrate themselves and one another on this path of self-leadership.

It took me almost losing my life to choose myself…

After years of trying to conceive, it was a miscarriage that catalyzed me to finally choose myself and my feminine power. Instead of drowning in grief, I saw in the miscarriage an initiation to fuel my path as a leader. By transmuting the victim’s story of feeling broken and helpless, I reclaimed the trust in my womb and my inner radiance. Day by day, year by year, I infused my life with practices and rituals to stay aligned with my Radiant Path.

Sister, it doesn’t have to take you years to choose yourself.

Which is why I created the Radiance Sisterhood!

“I was drawn to the Radiance Sisterhood mainly for accountability, to help me show up for myself. Yet I have found so much more! I love and need to keep revisiting the lessons of this spiritual path I so desire. Eternally grateful for this Sisterhood at this time in my life and for what it has given me!”

– Jennifer L.

Imagine yourself in the next year…

More connected to your feminine power, pleasure, and purpose than ever before
Confidently showing up exactly as you are
Choosing yourself and your dreams first
Trusting yourself fully
Courageously walking your unique Radiant Path
Taking consistent and aligned action
Resiliently managing life’s challenges
Connected to a global Sisterhood here to support you
Stop imagining, Sister!

This is all possible for you NOW!
And it all begins with choosing yourself first.

Make it easy to choose yourself.

“I am so grateful for the Radiance sisterhood because it has changed my life! I have started to show up in the world as who I am, living my truth. I am finding more confidence in my female body by exploring deeply, step by step. Radiance is such a special container

– Claudia E.

What’s included:

New Courses Every Month— Each month, you’ll get access to a new guided course on themes like PROSPERITY, FEMININE POWER, DIVINE PURPOSE, WOMB WISDOM, and more!($96 value)

Weekly Lessons In Every Course— Including embodiment dance videos, guided meditations, music playlists, journals, and audio transmissions ($210+ value)

Monthly 5-Day Dance Challenges— To help you embody the practices. Experience the power of being witnessed in a safe space with sisters who celebrate your authentic expression. (priceless)

Monthly Bonus Workshops with Guest Experts— Expand your circle and hear from other amazing experts connected to Temple Body Arts in areas like dance, tantra, holistic health, shamanic healing, creative expression and more! ($88+ value)

Monthly Live Call & Sister Circles Led By Sofiah— With 15-Minute signature Temple Body Arts experiences followed by discussions, Q&A’s, breakouts, and live coaching ($200 value)

 A Ritual For Every New & Full Moon— Aligned with the month’s course to support you creating practices for yourself to anchor into the cycles of life. ($45 value)

A Private Sisterhood— To connect, share, and get your questions answered by Sofiah, Temple Body Arts Ambassadors, and your Soul-Sisters… a safe space to belong and show up exactly as you are! (priceless)

Special Member-Only Bonuses—  Gifts, discounts, special member-only calls, and first priority access to new Temple Body Arts offerings and more! 


  Over $600 total value each month for only a fraction of the price.

“The tools being shared by Sofiah have been so very profound. I am getting back into my creative center with art, journaling and movement. It is grounding me deeply into my soul’s purpose.

– Jennifer L.

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The 12 Pillars of Radiance


Learn ways to stop the limiting self-talk, deepen your self-compassion, trust yourself and give yourself the love you desire! Lessons include:

Self-Love Embodiment Dance Journey

Clear Your Blocks: Full Moon Ritual

Exploring Forgiveness: Audio Meditation

Creating Self-Care Habits: Live Video

…and more!


Connect to your Inner Knowing and sharpen your ability to make soul-guided decisions from your inner compass. Lessons include:

Harnessing Discernment Dance Journey

Protected by Your Power: Singing Bowl Meditation

Creating Structures and a Schedule to Support you 

The Sword of Discernment: Guided Meditation

…and more!


Find support, through all life’s twists and turns, to help you focus on life’s blessings and see through the lens of gratitude. Lessons include:

Rooted in Gratitude Embodiment Dance Journey

Seeing through the Lens of Gratitude: Meditation & Workshop

Find Your Creative Expression: New Moon Ritual

Water Blessing Meditation

…and more!


Find your unique pathway to pleasure in your life and relationships by being more present and connected to your senses. Lessons include:

Self-Guided Pleasure: Music Playlist & Ritual

Awakening Your Senses Dance Journey

Open Yourself to Receive: New Moon Ritual

Anchoring into Pleasure: Meditation

…and more!


Connect to your Womb Wisdom ~ the initiations, power, mystery, and magic of all that you are, including your ancestral lineage! Lessons include:

Learn to Fill Your Cup, Make Love to Life & Become Magnetic
Transform the Shadow ~ Dance with the Wild Woman
Plant Your Sacred Dreams & Desires: Access Infinite Potential
Rise Like a Warrior: Fully Align with Your Highest YES & Your Radiance
…and more!


Learn to bring forth your fullness and complete vibrance with Devotion to your unique radiance. Keep your spark flourishing, burning, BLAZING! Lessons include:

Daily Devotion Journal
Spiritual Path & Service Devotion: Infinite Love Sound Transmission
Creative Spark Workshop: Clear Obstacles & Live Artfully
New Moon Ritual & Dance Embodiment Practice
Sexual Priestess & Chakra Awakening Meditation

…and more!


Align yourself with the frequency of wealth so you can RECEIVE even more wealth, prosperity, and abundance in your life! Lessons include:

What is Wealth Transmission?
Embrace Money As Your Lover: Prosperity Embodiment Journey
New Moon Ritual: Visualize Abundance & Set Your Prosperity Frequency
Guided Meditation: Marriage of Prosperity & Purpose

…and more!


Tune in to your Divine Purpose, open to recognize your gifts, and discover what inspires you to show up shining your unique light! Lessons include:
Discovering Your Divine Purpose: Meditation Exploration
Vision with the Sacred Dreamer: New Moon Ritual
Full Body Yes: Timeline Practice ~ Live Ecstatically on Purpose
Claim Your Divine Purpose Embodiment Journey

…and more!


Exploring your relationship with your feminine power, claiming it and directing it toward creating the life you desire. Lessons include:

Meet Your Feminine Power Meditative Journey
Claim Your Magnetic Feminine Power: New Moon Ritual
Sex, Power, and Shakti: Live Video with Embodiment Practice
“Pussy Magic”- Special Workshop with Gaea Lady

…and more!


Bring your wild, unapologetic, and authentic expression into the world. Honor your creative impulses and live in your own authentic way! Lessons include:

Nurturing Your Authenticity Expression

Clear the Channel: Embodiment Journey

Value Your Expression: Drop the Mask Guided Practice

…and more!


Explore what it feels like to choose yourself, to claim your inner authority, own your true worth and to embody your Sovereignty! Lessons include:  

Choose Yourself & Move From Victim to Creator

Receive Your Divine Inheritance:  Embodiment Dance Journey

 Reclaim Your Sovereignty:  Timeline Practice + Transmission

Anchor Into Your Sovereignty: Mantra Creation Practice

…and more!


Awaken, heal and balance the Sacred Masculine and Feminine within, and be supported in living with more confidence, self-trust, and pleasure! Lessons include:

Awakening the Sacred Marriage: Talk + Singing Bowl + Meditation

Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Guided Transmission

Embodying the Sacred Marriage Movement Journey

Map Your Radiant Path and Create Foundations for Self-Leadership

…and more!

Join us for this month’s theme:


For Only $96 $44 !

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Now more than ever, we feel the bonds of sisterhood that extend beyond oceans and borders…

This sisterhood is a place to SHOW UP AS YOU ARE.

To be SEEN & WITNESSED on your journey toward your most radiant self.

We are here to reclaim our Temple Bodies, our Unique Gifts,

and connect to our Soul’s Divine Purpose 


“I have received so much unconditional Sister love and support. This allowed me to open up to even more trust in myself and my sisters and allowed me to let go and shine my radiant light brighter than
ever before!

– Cornelia E.


Over $600 worth of content every month…

PLUS Receive my “How to Create a Sacred Space at Home” Video as an instant BONUS when you register today!


A portion of every payment goes to supporting the Loveland Foundation– a non-profit started by Rachel Cargle committed to showing up for women of color in unique and powerful ways by providing resources for more opportunity, access, validation, and healing.


learn more about the Loveland Foundation here: 


Let us awaken our feminine power and fall in love with our most radiant selves as we support the rise of the divine feminine...

We are in this TOGETHER. 


Elaine Sullivan-Child

Dani Lou

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