Temple Body Activation and Global Mentorship Policies

To continue your registration, you must confirm that you understand the nature of this program and agree to the Agreements and Terms.

Temple Body Arts Agreements

The TBA Agreements reflect the qualities and ways of being that each Sister aligns with. The ways in which you show up to the Sisterhood and represent Temple Body Arts in the world is essential to the integrity of our mission and vision.

  • Live Your Yes: I Live my highest YES and embody the TBA principles and teachings. I say YES with every cell of my body to being on the path of remembrance, love, and of service to the awakening of humanity!
  • Confidentiality: I commit to absolute confidentiality of what is shared and will only share from my experience. There is no room for gossip or drama in my life.
  • Communication: Loving, compassionate, honest communication creates and maintains harmony. I speak with integrity and use the power of my word in the direction of truth and love. I avoid using words to speak against myself or others. I will communicate to express what I need and want and clear any unspokens or misunderstandings.
  • Listening: I value and practice the art of Listening. I will do my best to be present and listen to you, I will not try to fix you or offer any advice, unless it is explicitly requested. I trust you have everything you need within you and I know inherently there is nothing to fix.
  • Container: I will honour the container, time and sacred energy of the Sisterhood and be accountable for my presence.
  •  Self- Love: I commit to love and care for my Temple Body. I will prioritize the sacred space and time to be in my TBA practice. I do my best to cultivate my sword of discernment by practicing speaking my NO. When I say NO, I am saying YES to myself.  
  •  Difference: We are all unique fingerprints of the goddess. I celebrate my unique beauty and gifts and the ways in which we are different and all necessary pieces of the TBA Sisterhood. I replace any sense of competition with collaboration.
  • My Best Self: I understand that what I give to this process is what I will receive.  I will actively participate, be present and engage and share my wisdom and experience to stay connected within the sisterhood. I will only teach and share what I practice, embody and understand. I am self-resourced and take full responsibility for myself and my results.


Temple Body Arts Policies

  • I understand I am making a commitment to myself when I register for these Temple Body Arts Mentorships.
  • I understand I will get out of these Mentorship what I put into it and take full responsibility for myself and my results.
  • I am deeply committed to my self-care in these programs and am self-resourced with the ability to find supplementary outside support for my process if this is needed.
  • I understand that there are no refunds and all sales are final.
  • I understand I can be asked to leave the group without refund if I violate the sacred energy of the group.
  • I know this program will activate a total transformation in my life when I actively participate and keep up to date with the course teachings.
  • I say YES with every cell of my body!
Clicking “I Agree” below indicates that you agree to the Temple Body Arts Global Mentorship Policies.

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