Please review the Temple Body INITIATION Policies

To continue your registration, you must confirm that you understand the nature of this program and agree to the terms.

Temple Body INITIATION: Group Global Mentorship & Live Training Policies

  • I understand I am making a commitment to myself when I register for Temple Body INITIATION.
  • I understand I will get out of this Global Mentorship and Live Training what I put into it and take full responsibility for myself and my results.
  • I am deeply committed to my self-care in this online Global Mentorship and am self-resourced with the ability to find supplementary outside support for my healing process if this is needed.
  • I understand I will be part of a sacred sisterhood of YES. We will be sharing our journey together and I respect the intimacy of this experience.
  • I will not publicly share what is discussed in the private forum or in our live training.
  • I understand there are no refunds for Temple Body INITIATION.
  • I understand I can be asked to leave the group without refund if I violate the sacred energy of the group.
  • I know this program will activate a total transformation in my life when I actively participate and keep up to date with the online course teachings.
  • I say YES with every cell of my body!
  • I understand I will only become a certified Temple Body Artist if I complete all hours and assignments as well as complete my payments.

Clicking “I Agree” below indicates that you agree to the Temple Body INITIATION Policies.

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